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Brittany broke ceilings for my strength of body and mind, with a nurtured instruction and shared confidence.  She believed in my body, so I believed in my body.  After three months of instruction, I could run faster, sleep better, and had more energy during the day.  The lessons I have learned through Brittany’s training will be with my fitness regimen for the rest of my life.  She will push you hard, teach with you and not at you, and make sure that you’re serving your spirit before your vanity.


I took Brittany's barre class every single week for two years.  During that time, Brit helped me get in the fittest shape of my life (just in time for my wedding)! I was guaranteed to be sore the day after her class and truly saw results (stronger core, leaner muscles, thinner waist) within a few short months.  She always pushed me to the edge, bringing out the athlete and dancer I never knew was inside of me.  For those that think barre is “easy," I recommend trying Brittany's class.  I guarantee you'll sweat, and I'm pretty sure you'll be hooked!