I discovered barre while rehabbing an ankle injury as a professional ballerina. I was excited to discover a mode of fitness that is musically driven, addresses muscle imbalances, improves posture and prevents injuries. My fitness career began at Flywheel Sports, where I became one of the most in-demand, master barre instructors in New York City. During my tenure at Flywheel, I became the Northeast Regional Manager of FlyBarre and trained hundreds of barre instructors around the country.

In 2020 I navigated becoming a first-time mom during the pandemic. Over the next year, I juggled new mom life and creating what would become the Britsbarre Virtual Studio. I started working out at home for the first time in my life, and realized how efficient I could be with my time by doing short workouts right at home. I restored my strength and muscle definition postpartum, while also being a full-time mom (and balancing breastfeeding and nap schedules!)

My virtual studio isn’t just about effective, results-oriented workouts, but about how your workouts make you feel, and how that feeling translates to the rest of your day. I aim to cultivate an encouraging environment that fosters a love of movement and to share the message that we can set goals while appreciating our bodies along the journey. You will leave class energized, stronger and boldly confident.

On-demand Virtual Barre Studio | Britsbarre - About Britsbarre
On-demand Virtual Barre Studio | Britsbarre - About Britsbarre

About the Britsbarre
Virtual Studio

Love your workouts and experience results you can feel and see.

As a busy mom, I understand the importance of maximizing every second of your workout. Britsbarre classes develop endurance based, lean muscle through low impact, high-rep movements that contribute to a defined physique. There are hundreds of classes on-demand : full body classes, express classes, no equipment classes, stretch classes and classes that focus on targeting specific areas of your body. Classes you can take on-the-go, wherever your day takes you. Whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes, there is a class that will fit into your schedule. My classes include modifications for all levels, pre/postnatal modifications, and meticulous, alignment-focused demonstrations. I want you to move and sweat from a place of power and appreciation for what your body can do as you go after your goals. When movement becomes something you look forward to instead of something you "have to" do....that's where the magic happens.


Living in NYC, we had the best of the best when it came to instructors and to this day, of the hundreds and hundreds of classes I have taken, no one has ever exceeded the level set by Brit. I can’t explain it other than she just knows how to get the most out of each and every exercise in each and every workout. And she does it with a smile on her face and (at the end) mine too!


Brittany broke ceilings for my strength of body and mind, with a nurtured instruction and shared confidence. She believed in my body, so I believed in my body. After three months of instruction, I could run faster, sleep better, and had more energy during the day. The lessons I have learned through Brittany’s training will be with my fitness regimen for the rest of my life. She will push you hard, teach with you and not at you, and make sure that you’re serving your spirit before your vanity.


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