Britsbarre Virtual Studio

Britsbarre by Brit Shimansky is the barre experience designed to build endurance, inspire confidence, and motivate you to move from a place of power and appreciation for what your body can do.

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New Britsbarre workouts every month

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The Britsbarre Basics Video for barre beginners to prep you for your first barre class

Pre/postnatal modifications are demonstrated in classes to keep you moving with confidence during pregnancy

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Meet Brit

I created the Britsbarre Virtual Studio to share results-oriented barre experiences that empower a passionate, lifelong relationship to movement. As your teacher, the ripple effect of how your workout makes you feel the rest of your day is so important to me. Yes, I want to maximize the effectiveness of your workout, but more importantly, I want you to listen to your body, be kind to yourself and feel uplifted and encouraged after every single class. You do not need to workout for hours a day to feel and see the benefits of moving your body in an intentional way. Creating a love relationship with movement that leads to sustainable consistency in your workout routine is always my goal for you. And yes, this is when you’ll experience results that last.

What clients are saying

Britsbarre is one of a kind! Her combination of dynamic movements, challenging combinations, and a relentless focus on proper alignment makes this a virtual workout unlike any other. As a former in-person client, I can tell you her virtual studio is designed with the same intensity and creativity.


Brit is Energy.  Music.  Heart.

For those of you who are new to barre or looking to revamp your workout routine, Brit has the energy and knowledge to make you love the barre. I promise, she will be all the motivation you need to fall in love and show after day!


Brit’s barre class was the first barre class I had ever taken (about 7+ years ago!). Brit's classes completely changed my body; I was in the best shape that I had ever been in. What sets her classes apart from others is that it's never the same. She puts so much time and effort into personalizing every single class that she teaches. Brit truly is the reason why barre is the only workout I will ever do!


As a fellow barre instructor, I cannot recommend Britsbarre classes highly enough. I have taken from her both in-person and virtually for over five years, and her classes continue to make me feel stronger each session. She is my go-to for my own personal fitness routine! Her background as a professional ballerina shines through in her perfectly timed-to-the-music moves and attention to form. Whether a beginner or professional, Britsbarre creates a welcoming environment for a total body challenge.


I worked out with Brittany for several years in New York City. Her class quickly became my favorite thanks to her ability to welcome me, support me, and challenge me at once. Her classes were fun, but they were consistently hard-- and the more I did it, the harder it got... in a good way! I was devastated when Brittany left New York City, as working out with her had become a part of my fitness routine that I always looked forward to. I'm thrilled she's bringing her game online now! 


For anyone who likes barre classes, I believe Britsbarre is a must try! It is by far my favorite workout mostly because I see physical improvements quickly and it is never a bore! I love her constant motivation to keep you going through the most challenging parts of the class and reminder to push for one more second or complete a final rep because that is where the results take place. You will not find a better quality barre class!

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