I found Britsbarre at the perfect time because I work in health communications, so my day job can be stressful and sometimes I need to work at night. The flexibility and empowerment is key! I redo my favorite classes and because there are so many, I never get bored. Thank you for making exercise something exciting and empowering and not something I dread!


I took Brittany's barre class every single week for two years. During that time, Brit helped me get in the fittest shape of my life (just in time for my wedding)! I was guaranteed to be sore the day after her class and truly saw results (stronger core, leaner muscles, thinner waist) within a few short months. She always pushed me to the edge, bringing out the athlete and dancer I never knew was inside of me. For those that think barre is “easy," I recommend trying Brittany's class. I guarantee you'll sweat, and I'm pretty sure you'll be hooked!