On-demand Virtual Barre Studio | Britsbarre
On-demand Virtual Barre Studio | Britsbarre

Britsbarre Prenatal 

I am a pre/postnatal certified trainer, and I did barre exercises throughout my entire pregnancy. I even taught myself a class at home the night before I went into labor! Barre supported my body through my pregnancy journey and provided the muscular endurance I needed to push for three unmedicated hours to deliver my daughter.

My appreciation for barre runs deep, and I am passionate about fostering an environment that keeps you moving through your pregnancy. With this goal in mind, all subscriptions to the Britsbarre Virtual Studio include access to my Prenatal Modifications Video, where I show you how to safely approach my classes while pregnant with modifications for every trimester. You will learn what movements to avoid and how to keep moving with confidence during every stage of your pregnancy. I also demonstrate various prenatal modification options during classes so that you can move in a way that feels best in your body. 

Trust yourself and know how strong you are. Listening to what your body needs from day to day during pregnancy is so important, and I am honored to support you in your movement journey during this time in your life. 

*Please consult your physician before taking any of my classes while pregnant.

What Britsbarre Mamas are saying: 

Natalie B

I love the versatility with the different class types and lengths- so good for the busy mama with limited time and for customizing my workout for exactly what I am feeling. -

Alana W.

Brit’s virtual studio literally takes away any excuses you have about working out. I’ve taken classes all over the world and Brit’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are unparalleled. Nothing feels better than moving your body as a busy mama and Brit makes this simple. This subscription is a no brainer, must have for all mamas!

Aly W. 

Brit’s knowledge of the body, its muscle groups and her ability to fatigue them in such short periods of time is unmatched. As a busy mom, I love that I’m able to squeeze in an effective workout in less than 20 minutes that leaves my muscles shaking.

Laura Z. 

I started the Britsbarre Virtual Studio in my third trimester when I no longer had time to make it to class and love them more than my in-person classes. Three months postpartum and I’m almost back to my pre-baby core strength (and I had a c-section!). Britsbarre classes have been key.

Taylor P. 

Brit helped this mom x3 find space to feel a little more like myself again.