Barre Blog

How I Stay Consistent

How I Stay Consistent with My Workouts 

Oct 12, 2022

(Even when I’m not feeling it) 1. Remind me how good I feel after I move my body. The more […]

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Pelvic Floor

How to Engage Your Pelvic Floor

Sep 21, 2022

Do you know how to engage your pelvic floor? The pelvic floor consists of 14 muscles with attachment points at […]

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3 Tips

 3 Tips For Getting Back Into A Fitness Routine After Having A Baby

Sep 6, 2022

It took me 20 months to getting back into a fitness routine and lose my pregnancy weight. I was patient […]

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How To Do 360 Breathing And Why It’s So Important During Pregnancy And After Birth!

Sep 1, 2022

360 breathing is the style of breathing that synchronizes your diaphragm, transverse abdominis & pelvic floor to form a dynamic […]

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